About - Mauricio Lima

Mauricio Lima

Freshly graduated from Dawson College's famous "Commercial Photography" program in Montreal, Mauricio has been passionated about visual arts since he was a kid trough drawing practices and comic books. Focused his creativity on a successful Engineering career inside the corporate world. Having a very close passionated relation with photography he decided to become a professional. He believes every shot is an awesome journey where his both technical and artsy brains fight and kiss along the way and both learn on each step. Mauricio loves everything in the process starting on planning, capturing the moment and processing the digital canvas until the result is a perfected form of personal and emotional connection with the viewer.

For any inquiries, please contact mauricio@mauriciolimaphoto.com

Don’t hesitate to write Mauricio. All comments, remarks, “likes” and party invitations are welcome.

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